Specialists in energy use and cost reduction products and services.  In particular:

  • Commercial energy contract negotiation, utilising group buying power.  Don’t just send one site, if you can organise over 10 you may unlock  preferential rates though group buying power.  For example, we recently secured an annual saving of $42,553 across 45 sites in multiple states.
  • Network tariff review is another service that can immediately save you thousands.  We review your meter data against the pricing tariff options available from your retailer and assist you to move to the lowest cost charging structure.  We saved Nullarbor Sustainable Timber $14,675 per annum from moving them to a lower cost tariff after installing Solar PV.
  • Our Energy Health Check, is a complete tailored desktop energy assessment.  Our report provides you with insights and opportunities within your business  to reduce your energy use and costs.  Typically identifying savings of 27%.  We analyse your meter data, building and electrical equipment.  Providing you with a detailed report and time with an energy consultant to discuss our recommendations


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