Average savings

  • Consumables – 24%
  • Insurance – 38%
  • Electricity – 15%
  • Stationery – 24%
  • Printers & Toner – 25%
  • Telephone & Internet – 20%
  • I.T. Related – 27%
  • Medical Gas & Liquid Nitrogen – 20%
  • 100%
  • 24%
  • 38%
  • 15%
  • 24%
  • 25%
    Printers & Toner
  • 20%
    Telephone & Internet
  • 27%
    I.T. Related
  • 20%
    Medical Gas &
    Liquid Nitrogen

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How Simple and Fast it is to Reduce Your Everyday Business Expenses With United Health Services

United Health Services Australia is Australia’s most effective buying group to help practice owners reduce their everyday business expenses.

Increase your profitability by:

  • Accessing the buying power of over 700 businesses
  • Guaranteed best industry Rates
  • Saving time and reducing headaches while we do the negotiating for you

How we can help...

Save you time

Using the size of our group we negotiate preferential, below market pricing and services.

Save you money

On average, we save our clients between 15 – 38% on their everyday business expenses.

Save you the hassle

We do all the wholesaler and supplier negotiations on your behalf and get you the best deal.

Social Media Services

We can help you build an effective way to communicate with your audience.

See what our members are saying about their savings...

We saved $10 000

We saved $10 000 per annum on just our first transaction with them (installing new printers), and are in the process of moving a number of other services over to their suppliers as the costs and service are far superior.

Sean Campbell

Managing Partner

Your savings are waiting!

Risk Free Membership – Money Back Guarantee

As a member, you are effectively outsourcing your wholesaler and supplier negotiations, using the size of our group and professional negotiators to get you better prices no matter how large or small your practice is.

This means you will have more time and energy to grow your business, care for patients and their families, and to address all the other things you have been wanting to do in your practice.

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