About Us

Our Mission

We help business owners and managers increase profit, grow their business and have more time. By leveraging our resources and group buying power we are able to offer resources to the business that will save time and money and by offering advice and feedback that will help the owner, their team and the business grow and evolve. Because at our core we desire to make a positive difference in the lives of
everyone we come into contact with – no matter how big or small that difference may be.

What We Do

We are a leveraged, very cost effective resource – We help business owners and managers increase profit and free up time enabling more time to be spent on high value tasks that will grow the business as well as have more time to dedicate to themselves either for work life balance or personal development.

How we do this is around 3 key pillars:

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Group Buying Power

By leveraging our group buying power to review and reduce expenses and save time – we provide obligation free expense reviews up front without any cost to you and save you and your staff from having to do all the running around.

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Social Media Posting Services

To improve brand awareness and trust, and free up time and resources by not having to do this yourself – we generate content and post 2 to 3 times a week to FB and Instagram for a fee of $299 per mth.

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Advice and Education

We are a sounding board and resource on call to that provides advice from an external business perspective, and we can then offer the option to go onto further deeper and more involved coaching.

Social Media Services

from $299 ex GST per Month

Our focus with this program is to build your online presence into an effective communication tool within your local community to both existing and potential clients. Now more than ever people have turned to social media for information and communication in record numbers which is why we believe this is will be an important part of your business as we emerge into a new normal. The aim is to help you cement your position in the community as a trusted advisor and build an effective way to communicate with your audience. We will help you do this by offering the following social media service:

  • Post 2 to 3 times a week
  • Initial strategy meeting via zoom
  • Both Facebook and Instagram
  • 30 minutes of engagement (Instagram) per week
  • Hashtag set
  • Print out brochure for your front desk for customers to be aware that you are now on social media


If you’re part of a larger corporate or franchise group we can also incorporate national/head office messages into posts while still tailoring content to your site.

Did you know…

Members get 5% off from our shop!