Wouldn’t It Be Good To Have Your Business Expenses Regularly Reviewed For You So You Know Your always Getting The Best Deal Or Where You can Get It

Wouldn’t It Be Good To Have Your Business Expenses Regularly Reviewed For You So You Know Your always Getting The Best Deal Or Where You can Get It
In this blog we are going to quickly touch on the easiest areas we wave found that you can reduce costs in your business without impacting your business.

Regular reviewing of expenses and comparing invoices in detail to market pricing can easily add a few percentage points to the bottom line of most businesses however its also something that as an owner or manager you don’t always have the time to do

READ ON IF YOU WANT TO FIND OUT where we have found you can make the best impact with the least effort and disruption from our experience in reviewing thousands of business expenses for our members on a regular basis.

(Waring there is a bit of a plug to show the average savings we are finding for our members when we review these expenses for them)

INSURANCE – Compare properly to check you covered for what you need and not paying for what you don’t need. It can be time consuming and requires some knowledge but also can generate thousands in savings and wont affect day to day operations. (UHS Members on average save 38% with stronger cover when their insurance was reviewed against our group policy rates)

ELECTRICITY – in the current climate with increasing rates its easy to shop around – be aware the comparison sites don’t have all retailers so you might try a few comparison sites or we use a broker to get off market rates AND You can negotiate with your landlord if your in embedded network! (UHS Members Save on Average 14% – higher in embedded networks / shopping centres)

MERCHANT FEES – again another easy place to shop around – you don’t have to use the merchant terminals from the bank you bank with – so shop around however be careful as the banks all use slightly different charging methods so i can be hard to compare. (UHS Members on average save 15% using our group rates).

PHONES & LASER PRINTERS – this can be a huge one and if your not careful you can get locked into a contract well about what you should be paying – This is often the most cost effective way to get Phones and Printers HOWEVER its also the place where we see the most rip offs!! (On average we Save our Members 25%)

CONSUMABLES/RETAIL ITEMS – all to often the person ordering falls into the trap of getting comfortable buying from one of the major wholesalers because they can get a wider range (or your brand says too) – however shopping around will definitely save you as will group/bulk buying and using specific specialist suppliers – our members get an extra 5 % off the range we distribute and using our group rates with a major medical wholesaler they save an average of 24%

Regular reviews across your expense categories as well as your daily consumable / retail purchasing will definitely add margin to your bottom line and a few % points on a million $ plus turnover adds up fast!

However its often an area that ends up at the bottom of the list after running your business and keeping the top line revenue coming in , managing staff, managing customer and patient issues, marketing, looking after the finance and accounting !!

SO WHATS THE SOLUTION – get someone to do it for you for less than the cup of coffee a day – YES STARTING FROM $15/MTH – You can outsource to someone thats doing this across every category in your business on a daily basis across multiple businesses so we see whats good and not so good very quickly and is negotiation with our suppliers to get rates below the market(Yes Like UHS!)


1) Unlimited Expense Reviews (and you can choose to use our deals as well for an extra smaller monthly add on fee)

2) 5% off all Orders places through us for PPE and a 14 Day account (subject to going on Direct debit (check our our range here)

3) 50% off our social media posting service (we develop your content and post 2 -3 times a week on your behalf to facebook and instagram) Normally this would cost a business like yours $500-$100 per mth in external fees or wages and time of staff internally – our members get this service for $200 / mth

4) Access to our annual flu vaccine discounted pricing (which has been best in market for last 2 yrs running)

5) Access for your staff to our electricity portal so you can help them get better rates on their home electricity.

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